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Ben lives and works in Canberra Australia. After a successful coaching career Ben penned his first book “Better Than Winning” which was a sales success. On this journey Ben met and eventually worked for Wallaby and Brumby legend Stephan Larkham becoming the Brumbies Team Director.

This was an immensely enjoyable 3 years in which Ben travelled and managed the team. During this time, the team qualified for the finals each year and remained the top Australian team in the super rugby competition. With the on field success also came the travel and the chance to build life long friendships with the coaching staff and the playing group. Ben says “Never have I met and enjoyed my time with such a humble, generous, and giving group of men”. He continues “It’s easy to see how and why they are so successful, with leaders like Stephen Moore, David Pocock, Matt Tooma and Christian Lealififano within the playing group it made my job easier”

Ben learnt valuable lessons within this talented and driven group of men. Team work, respect and the ability to extract every ounce of their given talent, only added to Ben’s previous Olympic experience.

As fate would have it, Ben was asked to apply as the High Performance Director back in his original sport of Triathlon which he was successful in being selected from a strong list of candidates. From Sep 2016 to Sep 2017 Ben poured everything he had into the job, with the sport he loved so much. His lifelong struggle with type 1 diabetes was effecting during this period with the travel and stress just not sitting well.

With a brave decision, supported by his family, his CEO Miles Stewart and the Triathlon Australia Board, Ben handed in his resignation to focus on his ongoing health. This focus is about doing what he loves which is coaching, traveling less and exercising more.