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Coaching Collective

The Coach Collective is a group of coaches who have shared values and an ethos of coaching. Along with their inherent passion and love, which most coaches have, this is a step further.
  • It’s about the coach that takes themselves along the athletes’ journey without becoming the athlete.
  • It’s about the coach who values hard work but actually is focused on skill development and technique
  • It’s about the coach who believes in recovery and a balance in life rather than a singlemindedness approach that leads to burn out
  • It’s about a coach who listens and works with athletes, respects who they are and at all times upholds the values of respect, confidentiality and difference
  • It’s about a coach who doesn’t use a cookie cutter style or “I did it this way” type of coaching
  • It’s about a coach working with you to achieve the best you can be and not all about winning or advancing the coaches career
  • It’s about a coach who draws from all areas and disciplines to help and teach – area’s like nutrition, recovery and core stability are key areas that should be encouraged
  • It’s a coach who enjoys
  • It’s a coach who is engaged with your journey
It truly is more than victory on the day – its victory for a lifetimeFor coaches, this will be a cross pollination of shared ideas, values and professional development. It’s the next step in networking and will dig deeper to help evolve all coaches into better professionals.we need to pride ourselves on how and why we coach and the Coach Collective will help move us along this coaching journey.Initially the Coach Collective will be by invite only but I envisage this will evolve quickly.If you’re a coach and your keen – email me today Triathlon and coaching are my passion and we have a responsibility as coaches to be better for our athletes and ourselves. That is the true art of coaching and helping people.