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What Is a Personal Performance Coach?
One size doesn’t fit all – Bespoke coaching is the next step.
  • Are you stuck in a rut
  • Do you want to improve and stand above your previous achievements
  • Do you want to feel a deeper sense of achievement and accomplishment
  • Do you just want to do better and be better
  • Are you sick and tired of the same same
  • Are those sneaky k’gs that have edged on over the years proving difficult to move
  • Are you injured all the time
Honestly, how long since you have sat down and set goals, then importantly, mapped out a plan to help achieve those goals, with some way points along the way ?
Personal Performance Coaching:
Ben is available to coach in all areas from general fitness (regain your health), multi-sport coaching, triathlon coaching, and swim coaching. His years of experience, knowledge and passion enable Coach Gathercole to provide you with a unique bespoke coaching experience. Included in this are Coach’s contacts within the industry enabling him to advise and help with equipment purchase, suitability of equipment and how to set up your equipment.
Executive and Lifestyle Coaching:
Ben’s recent experience in the upper realms of Super Rugby and Olympic sports gives him a unique insight into how some basic principles can help you manage business, staff and personal stress
There’s only so many self-help books we can purchase at airports, the real answer is to sit down and map out your vision, your goals and your own personal steps to success.
Ben can work with you one on one, help map out your journey, help manage the stress and utilise the time we have to juggle all the tasks at hand
Referral Coaching from Health Professionals:
Ben works closely with a number of local doctors and health care providers in a referral only type pathway into wellness programs based on a one on one bespoke service