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Swim Easy

We have started back and its going gangbusters — call me now to reserve your place
When: Tuesday and Thursday nights
Where: Canberra Girls Grammar School Pool – Melbourne Avenue, Deakin
Time: 6.45 pm to 8 pm ish
Key points:
I’ll bring a revamped swim program and philosophy incorporating all the things I’ve learnt in the past but with a real focus on swimming better and faster – not just plodding along like a half sick whale. I will challenge you across all aspects of your swimming no matter how much you’ve swam in the past or how much you’ve swum with me before.
Expect more from your swim sessions
We will
  • Swim smooth
  • Swim easy
  • Swim fast
  • Enjoy
To do this we will develop skills to
  • Relax and flow
  • Not fight against the water but work within it
  • Swim fast
  • Feel comfortable and at ease
  • Create rhythm and confidence
Some of the key pillars to achieve all this
  • Breathing (needs to be more and efficient)
  • Timing – when to breath and how to breath in open water
  • Body roll to engage the lats for power productions from larger muscles (have you ever wondered why swimmers have big lats ?)
  • body positioning to ensure we don’t swim like an anchor or a barge
  • power production to maximise our efficiency, speed and also learn about turn over
  • kick as a stabiliser rather than a driving force (which it is not for the style of swimming we are doing)
Who are these sessions for
  • My main focus (and passion) is for age group triathletes who are racing any distance
  • Master Swimmers – Nope, this is not the program for you
  • Junior Triathletes – again, this isn’t the program for you but stay tuned, we will have specific swim programs for junior triathletes
  • Fun and Fitness swimmers – you will struggle with this. It is a different level. So if you’re willing to step up, challenge your ability and current fitness then give me a call
Go ahead, step up and come along. Yes, it will be tough, Yes you will learn better skills, Yes you will get in better swim shape and yes it will help you
Our Mantra – Swim Smooth, Swim Easy, Swim Fast — Enjoy
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